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Used for postal applications and submitted during your interview sessions. Most large firms screen this letter so it can give them a better insight of your profile and may tailor questions and the interview based on this. Most candidates do not provide the same while going for an interview round and generally lose out notwithstanding their good credentials and work experience.


Cover letters are an important aspect to your application. It weightage in terms of your overall application is positioned at 40-60%. Cover letters give a larger insight than your resume can provide because the latter has a bland almost formal approach and you cannot really get into the knitty-gritty details you would like to discuss.


Here is a format of a cover letter.




BNP Paribas






SUB: Application for the Management Trainee Program,


Dear Recruitment Officer


I am enclosing my CV for your consideration because I wish to take up a permanent job with BNP Paribas. I have worked on several assignments at a local consultancy firm here in Bangalore in the past several months in the research and MIS department locally but I wish to deploy my capabilities in a larger context, this has been a strong reason for my application to your firm. BNP Paribas has an outstanding banking record, which matches its overall global reach, and character and I too firmly believe that all financial markets prospects depend on worldwide coverage.


I am an Indian national and I possess the necessary qualities and skills required by any candidate applying to an esteemed firm like yours. I can converse in several languages and have a great deal of finance work experience as I have participated in the management of a finance firm. On the academic side, I have received a degree from _________________ with a high second/first class.


My travelling experiences and great exposure to university in Europe have given me a large platform to be globalized. I can easily adapt to my environment and work in a team or on my own depending upon what my work demands of me. I have no inhibitions of any kind and do not suffer from being narrow minded. My work definitely is my first and only priority although I do cherish other social and other interests that have helped me over the years in my goal of being an `all-rounder`.


My CV I believe is self-explanatory and if I had to distill my abilities and aims I would say that I am seeking to enjoy myself in an enterprising environment within an organization. Although at my age one cannot expect to be fully conversant with the wide range of activities that are undertaken within your firm, my experience at ________________________________ and ___________________________________ has wetted my appetite for further involvement in the financial sector. My soul intention of working in your firm is to diversify my skills and experience as well as solemnly bring credit to the firm. I have a high motive level and an unquenchable thirst for work, which does not have to be limited to the ‘Conventional Office Hours�.


MIS and construing investments and portfolios plays a remarkable role in generating sound financial analysis and a high order of clientele. Accurate and in-depth research helps to make the right decisions which inturn leads to success and generous profit making. In this regard, I would very much like to be considered for a position under the Management Trainee Program or any other relevant dept.


Yours Sincerely,