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To: xyz@xyz.com

CC: Please avoid mass-mailing your resume to several firms at a time. Again this can lead to deletion at server level as the server may consider this junk mail besides a resume sent to various firms at a time may not be very appealing and applications need to be improvised and specific.


Subject: Application for the post of : � � (Always mention if there is a job code use it)

Body of email:


To, dd/mm/yy


HR Manager


XYZ Corp


Dear Recruitment Officer,


Please do not merely mention � enclosed resume please do the needful� this is not only rude but also unprofessional. Your resume will most probably be dumped.


Instead you should write about 3-8 lines about what you have done in the past, your experiences, and academic qualifications. This is almost like an abstract and should always be embedded within the body of the email. This is different to a cover letter. Cover letters are submitted with some in-depth factors such as attributes or experiences in detail. The email body should be used to entice the recruitment or HR personnel to open your attachment and go through it. Just short of creating an interest, which is further fulfilled by analyzing your resume.


I am a ______________ graduate/MBA with a high/upper first class degree from the University of ___________. In the past couple of years I have worked at a _____________________ and believe I fit the profile as required by you for the above mentioned position.


My skillsets are as follows: I am enclosing my resume which will give you an indepth idea of the skills required for the positions.


“Here you can mention a few work experience cases that may fit the applications requirement.�


PLS NOTE : Your email file size should never exceed 60 KB as most servers delete the file as it your application may never make it through. Always zip your file or send it in text format. If you want it to be presentable you can convert it into rtf for a smaller file size.




If you use the above email format to make your application you will have a much larger window of opportunity to be called for the interview. Once that happens you cannot merely take your resume copies but your resume requires a cover letter and we have given an example which you can use, improvise and change according to your details without changing or amending facts.