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The Ability to deliver Quality consultants at competitive pricing:

Response rate of less than 48 hours.

Access to a large database of consultants in India,Singapore, Malaysia and UK.
Aaren Systems uses an innovative recruitment tool to augment its IT Consultancy business.
High quality IT Consultants at a very competitive pricing enabling an excellent value proposition for your Company.
Our consultants are thorough professionals and therefore minimize project risks of customers.


Consultants with experience in::


Web/Client Server - (Java & Advanced Java technologies, JSP, EJB,ASP, XML, VB, COM/DCOM, Oracle, SQL Server)
IBM Mainframes, DB2, CICS, COBOL etc.,
AS/400, RPG COBOL, CL - 400 etc.,
CRM - (Siegel, Clarify, Oracle, Oracle Data Warehousing)
Telecom (Wireless, Call Processing, Switching, Testing, etc.,)
Data Warehousing - (Oracle, Business Objects, Micro Strategy, OLAP)