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Please keep these tips in mind and re-format your resume if you have made these mistakes.




Insert your passport no as its relevance is zilch. If you are applying for a domestic positions then its use is out of the question and even if you are applying for a position abroad no firm can run a check to see what your past travel records� are. If you think it is important you can type the following

PASSPORT NO: (Presented upon request)





It is absolutely unnecessary to mention your Family names or their credentials, as it does not help unless you were applying to the Government sector. MNC’s cannot care less for the same because they will deploy your services within your individual capacity. Generally we find details such as father’s name, wives name etc to be irrelevant and the probability of such re

Providing references is an important factor to your application. Generally 2-3 is the norm. One should be an academic reference but if you have passed 5 plus years (ago) while making an application then all references should be employee related.




 Always mention email address, contact no, mobile no and permanent residence address and no in all your applications. Please also use the email address that your provide as most firms will email you intimating you of your interview etc. Please do not constantly change your email address as sometimes firms may store your resume and if an opportunity arises 3-4 months down the line they should be in a position to contact you. You probably might change your address and phone no. but using a set email address is very crucial.


Your email file size should never exceed 60 KB as most servers delete the file as it your application may never make it through. Always zip your file or send it in text format. If you want it to be presentable you can convert it into rtf for a smaller file size


Improvise your resume according to your application. Be fluent in your style and use cases, examples of experiences that may induce firms to consider you in the role that is vacant.

Always have 2 copies of resume at hand. One which mentions everything and the other needs to be in-depth and specific in terms of your projects, experiences etc which may further help your application in financial and IT areas.

Always have a chart within your resume within a box mentioning your skills.


Example IT

Operating Systems: MS DOS | UNIX | WINDOWS'98

Programming Languages: Basic | Cobo l C | JAVA and Assembly Language (8086)

DBMS: Dbase III Plus, MS Access, SQL Server

Web Technology: Internet | Java | JAVA Applets | JDBC | Servlets | Web Design | HTML | Java Script | HTML | CGI with Perl | FTP...

Web Design Tools: Adobe - Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Pagemaker... | MicrosoftFrontPage | Cold Fusion | Web Style | Home Site 4.0 | GIF Animator | Cute FTP | Paint Shop Pro...

Others: Ms-Office 98 | Office 2000 | Sun's Star Office...


Example Accounting

Accounting skills: Finalization | Sales Tax | Excise

MIS: Use of MIS packages

Research: have worked on SPSS

Other: Use of Oracle and ERP packages.








Example Secretary

Shorthand: yes/no

Typing: speed per minute

Languages: English | Kannada

Use of EPABX: Yes/no










Recruitment officers need not have to go through your entire resume to find out your key skills they should always be mentioned initially.


We hope you find the above details sufficient in preparing your resume or amending the older one you have been using.

Best of Luck!

Team � aarensystems.com